Jessica - the haltertop (an unfinished project)

16 gauge, 5/16" ID stainless steel rings & scales

A partially made chainmaille haltertop.

A halter top project that was once in the works (and which I've been calling a corset top until I realized that halter was the word I was looking for). Her progress had been slow, and other projects found their way in front of her.

I think a big reason for this is that I've never made a chainmaille bra or other top that has expansions and contractions for the breasts before, so that was throwing me off. Also, the shoulder straps needed to be moved further apart from eachother on the front and follow the line of a bra strap more.

I had the general concept down, but the project was too large for me to want to dedicate the time to finishing. Jessica is unfortunately gone, lost to time. Maybe I'll make a haltertop in the future, but as of now this was just too much for me, and ended up being cancelled as a project. Sorry Jessica, not yet.
A pic of Kabutroid wearing the partially made haltertop, with a purple tanktop underneath.

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