The chainmaille ring

3/32" ID, 20-gauge stainless steel rings

A small chainmaille finger ring, made of jens pind linkage weave
I was looking at all of my rings one day, and decided to challange myself in a way I hadn't before. I decided to see what I was capable of doing with the smallest rings that I had on hand... 3/32", 20 gauge rings. Basically... these were the rings that were used as the "connectors" in the japanese weaves in my sample pile. The question is... what can be made with rings that have an aspect ratio (inner-diameter/wire-width) of barely over 3? There's very few weaves that can make a DECENT (aka: not balled up, tight as hell) pattern out of rings of this variety. Luckly, I had just recently taught myself how to make Jen's pind linkage recently... and these rings would fit the bill perfectly. Off I went! The chainmaille ring sitting on a ruler, showing it about an inch diameter.
Surprisingly, it was actually relatively easy to put together. Jen's pind is quite simple, provided you have the right ring size for it. As a first attempt at rings even close to this size though... it wasn't bad. I just about went blind staring at rings that tiny for that long... but I succeeded. The hardest part was connecting the two ends. That takes two (2) rings to connect... and it took me at LEAST three hours to get them in right. It's surprising I even succeeded on that, since I've never even tried to connect the ends of a larger Jen's pind, but just tackled it the hardest way possible... with tiny, tiny rings. All in all though... I replaced a ring that I used to have on that finger... with chainmail. The chainmaille ring being worn on Kabutroid's middle finger, and the ring tool ring on her pinky.

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