A white knitted square Four knitting needles all laid out one above another A neck pillow made from a stuffed knitted tube A delicate sparkled pink yarn knitted into a small pouch
A knitted envelope holder, in blue. A knitted cupholder, with the cups removed and behind it, and the name Sushi partially visble on the front Four sake cups all arranged in a blue and dark blue cup cozy A large square of black fabric, made up of four compartments, with the upper one being partially opened to reveal a cup, with a brown rim and a green interior. It's on a white rug.
The beginnings of knitting a cup and saucer cozy, with the saucer and cup layed out beside. The knitted portion is the width of the saucer, but only about a third of the way tall A knitted absinthe cup cozy, with four buttons, and a neck strap. It's quite cheesy. A green cozy around a white erlenmeyer flask Several views of a knitted sheath for a scythe, on a knitted rug.
Looking into an open bag of juggling balls, the bag itself being knitted. The rug that it's on is actually crocheted by my grandfather

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Everything I've knitted, down to the very first square