The Patreon Package

A convenience in the making

A blue knitted envelope for a wax sealed envelope and a chainmaille toy.
This came about pretty conveniently. At first it was going to be a cozy for a tea and sake cup set. It ended up not the right size, and converted into a 4-cup sake set cozy. It ended up too big for THAT, but hello what's this? It worked out PERFECTLY (or 'perfectly with a lotta stretching') for a Patreon package that I was putting together.

I've gone into pretty thorough detail about this here, but I'll give a quick rundown, because why not.

I have a twitch channel where I livestream weekdays:
I also have a Patreon account that I'm using to fund my life through my livestream: <no longer active>

Check 'em both out, I'm doing what I love. Streaming my life online and making stuff :D
A blue knitted envelope on a black surface, with a wax sealed envelope and chainmaille mobius strip inside.
So right, this item. The Patreon package I had designed included a wax-sealed, signed thank-you (on waterproof paper :D) which I folded in a specific way. This pocket, while being completely unsuitable for its original intended purposes, worked out amazingly for this. So hey, I'm not complaining :)

I'm still very new to knitting, and this is all practice. That said, this came out pretty well... very few if any errors. Made from a blue Pong shirt and a black Mushtroid (Metroid/1-up mushroom hybrid) t-shirt :).

I also made a minor change to this package-cozy, in that I better attached the scale clasp, and also swapped out the titanium scale for an anodized aluminium hot-pink one :D. See the menu title pic for a pic of this minor adjustment :)

Made Jan. 2017
A tshirt on a knitted rug, with a pink heart drawn in the center with a scarf, and the blue envelope in the middle.

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