The Deck of hazards

A fourth deck appears

The Deck of hazards, a deck of many things, a curious thing.

The closed box for the deck of hazards. It's a light brown cardboard box with simple handwriting, and it's laying on a grey rug.
The cards all laid out. It's the Rider-Waite deck, fourteen cards in total, with eight on the top row, and six in the bottom row, in a kinda downward arcing pattern. It's on a brown rug, strangely enough, because I took this pic after I moved back to the city, and so it was taken in a different room.
The card with the rules for the deck of hazards, written in blue pen
A fourth deck of many things, what strangeness is this?? So very obscure, so very unknown is this, known to only a tiny few from Neverwinter.

A curious thing, a strange thing, will you draw a card? Why, you could get your own dragon!

In my many searchings involving the deck of many things (the Grog link is what introduced me to Critical Role!), I stumbled across a lesser known deck, lesser still than the harrow. The Deck of hazards, such a curious thing, that only the fewest of few have even heard of it.

Srs tho, google it! There's like a handful of forum posts about it, and otherwise this thing is *absent*. A little-used mechanic in a video game? Oh yes, I brought that into the world.

There is no card conversions for this deck that I know of, until now! I used a combination of the Harrow-to-card and the Deck of Many Things-to-card conversions to get most of these, and the others I picked as best I could to their tarot:

The Moon - The Avatar
The Sun - The Bequest
4 of Swords - The Donjon
The Star - The Fountain
3 of Wands - The Hatchling
King of Pentacles - The Hoard
The Tower - The Knave
2 of Swords - The Looking Glass
10 of Cups - The Mentor
The High Priestess - The Oracle
5 of Swords - The Plague
The Fool - The Prince of Lies
Justice - The Traitor
Death - The Wyrm

The Rules

And so, we have the Deck of hazards. A curious thing, a wonderous thing. It's got a dragon inside.

No srs tho, this deck is like... death. There's force-you-to-draw-2-more cards, *two* of those, it's got these like... k only pull this out in game if you're like... awright, let's throw this sucker into the sinkhole here, see what happens.

You could get that dragon tho.

So anyways, you gots a Deck of hazards now!

In its initial form, at least. Like... I kinda threw this together with a Tarot deck, that I bought specifically to... k like, here's a bit of a backstory lol. So like I bought this Tarot deck to like turn into a deck of many things, the regular kind. But like... ehhhhh, this wasn't 'perfect' enough, like... I didn't realize it at first, but like this deck doesn't have the name of the card at the bottom of every card, and that like annoyed me, aesthetics and stuff. So anyways I bought the deck on Etsy, and like had this kicking around in general. I've got a few other decks, and this like... y'know, just kinda here. Sry little fella, just yeah kinda thing. Anyways, so I like stumble across this deck of hazards, and I'm like oh, you were meant to be turned into a thing (instead of like... trade it or something), but like... ooohhhh, ok now I've gotta convert this thing. And then I set about to like figure that out and stuff. Now WOOOOH!

So now I've like gotta make a nice box for it, but like, first I'm gonna use an open-source tarot design, evidently the Rider-Waite cards, these ones lol, are open source, so that works. So once I get to it, this will involve like... finding a printer for card designs (perhaps Etsy as well?) for these cards, and like sending yah you get the idea. Feel free to grubsy making that before me tho, I'm not sure when I can start the design process, I need my Mac in England and all that stuff. So yes, expect this page to be updated at some point.

In either case, created somewhere around August 2021



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