The Harrow Deck of Many Things

EEEEEEEEEEhehehehehehehehe, a card or two, should you

A Harrow Deck of Many Things, spread before you on a stump in the woods.
EEEEEEEEEhehehehehehehehe, tell me adventurer, would you like to draw a card from a deck of many things? What future will it unfold, a vast fortune could await. Kabutroid holding the harrow deck
Have a peek, my dear, and draw a card, or three. The deck partially opened, where the adventurer said to have drawn a card
What adventure will you unfold, EEEEEEEEEEEEhehehehehehehehehehehe The card for The Beating. Ummmmmm, crap. Don't worry, I've got a guy. Click on the next link.
Don't worry, I got a guy.

So, this, this I have been wanting to make for a while now. The Deck of Many Things, or the Harrow Deck of Many Things, both are incredible. One has been called the campaign killer, but like hear me out. Firstly, harrow, but still, it's not uncommon that a person is getting tired of playing X character. Soooooo... how's your luck feeling that day? And otherwise make it a funsie, a like "yah no, not now, but like for funsies, do you want to see what you *wooooould* have gotten?" Like those are just fun, say it involves intentional... intent, and funsie draws are allowed, DM it. Like it could even help draw in an NPC that you want to bring into the fun, add to the experience.

And now, I'm not too sure how overall rare it is that someone has made a physical copy of the Harrow Deck of Many Things, as a physical copy of this cannot be purchased (by my hunting, as of 2021). So what I did is, I bought the actual Harrow deck from Paizo, and it arrived as the regular tarot deck for Pathfinder. The Many Things part I had to create.

And, again hear me out, half the point of this is that half of it does *good* things. And let's be honest here, between the DOMT and the HDOMT, the downsides are far more comical in harrow, and more of a storyline adventure than anything else. Like the best card got nerfed a bit, but they got rid of the worst of the worst, and yah, the rest the bad ones are comical more than anything else. And there's some hilariously good ones, like you wanna become a werebear? Get your own demiplane? Aw yeah, let's hook that up. Reforge any item (magical or not)? An item becomes intelligent? Like there's some cool stuff in here. By far the least damaging of all of the decks of many things that I've come across, and most recommendable. Well, the Tarot of Many Things is pretty funky, but I'd give this one the nod as being the tamest.

So, I set out about copying the list of effects from d20pfsrd (linked above), and popping them into Kolourpaint of all the things, and I will explain why. I wanted to be able to have the font as big as I could, so that when I printed it shrunk down, the letters would all be crystal clear. The image files for it are over here if you would like to print your own, please have at it. As well, here's the full magic item table (it shimmers!), and the text version of it too if you like.

Anyways, I designed it to be on two pages, since it was far too unreadable as a single page. To give credit to Staples though, when I did try, it was *technically* readable, as in like... an inch from your eyeball type of thing, but yah two pages. Also I needed the curses page because there's a random card for it in there, and I *cannot* come up with those on my own, I am way too much of a goodie-goodie and my brain just refuses to come up with anything. So yah, this beats standing there with a dumbfounded look on my face, for my part, feel free to skip it on yours. It's a pretty comical list tho, so that part's good. And my character can remove them anyways, so regardless. Also, having the two harrow pages on a single side gave us an extra surface for the d100 magic item table, so that works.

So make the 'paged' side, I taped 80% of the second page down to the card (I should add, the card that I taped over is the 'created by paizo, etc etc' small print card, which has text on both sides, so that works well. It had the borders on it though, and the same card stock!). So I taped over 80% of the second page there, then put tape on the underside of the last bit, used that to make the back of the hinge for the two pages and taped the first page onto there, and then proceeded to double-side the first page with tape, as well as finish taping down the rest of the first page. This way, the hinge is essentially taped down to the card all along the seam, without that itself needing to be the actual hinge. It works well, and I folded over all tape corners so there's about 8mm of overlap over the edges. I should add that I decided to do it this way, as opposed to having the two pages directly back to back, for a few reasons. For starters, design choice, and secondly so that the text wouldn't show through and make it difficult to read. I thought about drawing the L5R/Paizo/D&D logo into there, or a Beholder or something, but I realized that I could put the magic item table on there, as well as the stats to the Holy Avenger, because that's awesome.

The magic item table actually came later, I first made the harrow bag, the miniature dice bag, and even the dice roller, before I'd finalized what I wanted on there. Oohh, and I also glittered the edges of the magic item table, and the Holy Avenger!

And so... the Harrow Deck of Many Things.

Draw a card my sweet, who knows what lays inside, EEEEEEEEEEEheheheheheheheheheeee

Built May 8, 2021 (box) through to April 29, 2022 (magic item table)

The original box, which is two cards wide for some reason. It is layong on top of the deck of many things card, the actual divination instruction cards, and the harrow cards themselves. The box says 'Deluxe Harrow Deck Divination Deck & Card Game' in grey text on a light brown background, with the card's logo image underneath. The logo itself is a dark brown six pointed star inside of a circle, with each corner being the symbols for each of a character attributes, that being a crown for charisma, a book for intelligence, a hammer for strength, a shield for constitution, a star for wisdom, and a key for dexterity. The original box modified to be one card width across. The text that says Deluxe Harrow Deck is still showing, with the logo centered in the middle The box open, with the little fold-down tabs being coincidentally and comically bent in the middle, due to where the cardboard was folded originally, making it look like the box is cackling or something with its arms up. The box showing the cards inside, the many things card partially slid out beneath, the divination book slid out more, and the folded up full page printout (on waterproof paper!) of the many things behind that. Also, for some reason the image file itself is much smaller than the rest of the images, some weird quirk that happened to the file at some point, possible misclick, I have no idea. In either case, it's a smaller image, like thumbnail size, about 200 pixels across. Which they're shown on the page as, sized to 200, so it suffices y'know, and like now the box is gone actually, because after I made the harrow bag, the box was kinda deemed superfluous, so I ended up incorporating the cardboard from it into the deck of many things box, so I can't get the picture again lol. Also yah, this box is inside of that box, which I find kinda funny. The first page of the Harrow Deck of Many Things, showing the first half of the cards, in really tiny text. The second page of card descriptions, inside the folding part The back showing the curses. My character has remove curse though, so it's really more for comedic purposes than anything. Did you want a sword that makes you have to scream out what you're doing with it in order to use it? I mean, that's pretty comical. The inner fold, showing the magic item list, with the stats for the Holy Avenger sword underneath. The red velvet-like bag created for the harrow cards, sitting on the ground. The tiny bag, for the tiny five millimeter dice, which are kinda shown beside my finger for size comparison The deck on top of the big bag, and also the small bag and the tiny dice. The little case that has the dice tower inside of it, with the little dice bag tucked into a designated spot beside it. The inside is the same red velvet as the bags. The fabric is visible beneath the dice tower as well, which is made from clear plastic. The bag is in it's spot, while a 20 sided dice is being dropped in, and a ten and a four sided dice is on the base. The ten sided dice shows an 8, but the four sided dice is unreadable in the picture unfortunately, though it might be a three. The rest of the dice are inside of the bag.

The red harrow bag with the deck to the right of it. The closed dice tower case is to the right of it, with the tiny dice bag and dice beneath. To the right of those is a mechanical pencil and an eraser to the right of that.

Perform a Harrow / The Harrowing spell / A Many Things draw

Official pages 1 2 3

Additional quotes for a cackly witch:

A curious thing, what could appear. Why anthing, if you draw but one.

Adventurer, change you seek, and change is what I have in store. Dare you draw a card?

A curious thing, oh what could it be, perhaps you'll draw one, perhaps you'll draw three!

Good or bad, either could occur. Who knows what could happen.

What does an adventurer need, a demiplane perhaps? Who knows...

A spell, a thing, a wonderous item, who knows what could arise. All you need is to draw but one.

A card, a card, a wonderous thing, who knows what you'll get, perhaps you'll be king!

ps: Yah I gotta say it, all for funsies, don't harm anyone, but like... these cackley lines are *gold*. They roll pretty good, so I'm keeping them here for others. My current quotes are more shop-based and related to adventurers coming in and asking for the cards ("Adventurer come, what is it you seek, is it something quite rare, or something unique? <Customer responds> Ahh, you seek the cards, oh what could it be, oh what could it be, we'll draw out the cards, and then we will see", that style). But the cackling though, you gotta cackle.

Yah of course I came up with a way to save everyone, I'm Betty Rubble, of course I did.

My best witch's cackle lol