The Harrow Bag

A bag for the Harrow Deck of Many Things

A glorious red pouch, for a deck of cards beside usually found wrapped in cloth or velvet and hidden away...

What an interesting little find. A simple velvet sack containing cards. Do we draw a card and see what it says, mweeeehehehehehehehehehehehehe!

The Harrow deck needed a bag, and so I set out to make one. But that bag looked too new, it needs to look withered, and used. Something that an old forest witch would have rattling around in her dusty old sack, battered and worn.

I deliberately made some stitches just slightly crooked or off just to give it an unsettling appearance *cackle*

...I'm a good witch!!!

Some of us just like the aesthetic.

Red velvetlike cloth and a tiny sewing kit, on a canvas work surface. A stitched line of threading, with just a few of the stitches crooked and uneven.
The completed bag and some of the tarot cards, on a beige towel. A scraggly old stump on a hillock in the woods, where the witch draws cards
But we must patina the bag, give it a good hue. Let's take it back to the creepy swamp where we must drown it in the blood of the earth *cackle*

Deadened trees

Rotting stumps

Spiders and snails

And humming bees

Oh what rot

Oh what rot

Oh what rot

There is to see

Tall, barren trees loom behind, a thick and dense swamp all around A black and broken tree, with many jutting points, sticks and sharp ends everywhere, dead weeds raise from the ground onto the spikes
The mire. Grasses and root, muck and slime. How deep, how deep does it go?
Now drown bag, drown in the swamp! And then we will leave you to dry, wrinkled and lost. Let all of the flavours, all of the colours and depths of the swamp seep into its core.

It was cold and rainy the next day, while you shivered beside an open window.

Now drown bag, drown again! Beaten about the forest floor, and drowned again, into the muck!

A blackened sludge we will take home, for you to rot in overnight.


And now dry again. Let every pore, every fiber soak it in. Rotted and dried, you are. From filth to sand, from muck to mire, you are stained and worn.

A beautiful colour you have been given, a gift from the swamp.

Completed June 22, 2021

A bag drowned in muck The cold and wet bag on a porcelain surface. Drown again, into the mire!
A bag of blackened sludge for it to rot in overnight. A link to a secret page!Rotted and dried, you are, before and after. A bit of colour you have taken, rotten and drowned one. Yet two shades darker have you become.
The wish card beside the deck, in a grassy patch of fresh green plants
The bag on a rock, a beautiful colour. The bag and some cards, on a grassy old plain. Holding the pouch in the swamp, it has a beautiful colour, just a shade darker, and a different texture too, just a bit rough.

Showing the drawstring on top, the same colour as the pouch. I guess I should take this time to say go and look at the disclaimer in that swamp seep thing above. This was in all actuality made with love, and friendliness, and talking to the tree spirits and the forest spirits, and all about making a good creepy story, with nothing but love behind it, but it's like putting on a movie kinda thing. Love and peace to everyone and stuff, and yah, read the disclaimer, there's more in there, but yeah love and art, is where this comes from, love and art. The forest spirits were laughing and smiling with me.

The bag sitting comfy in the grass in the sun, it's kinda small on the page so it works with the theme, but it's just a pleasant looking bag of cards sittin' on a big ol' patch of grass.

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