Harrowing Curse

The instructions for the pathfinder spell
The instructions for the harrowing curse, from the offical site. An official definition of what a harrow deck is.

The price list for cards, a harrow deck is 100gp.
The harrow deck of many things, the official definition, a worn fortune tellers deck.

Oh the DM's did NOOOOOOOOOT like me bringing this up. Oh. A caster touches you with a card. She needs to draw a card from a harrow deck for you. Her harrow deck is a harrow deck of many things.

She needs to draw a card from the harrow deck of many things for you.

And thaaat wording step there was noooooot appreciated by the people. It's very simple wording though, and ohh, that little gap in the wording there, "by touching it with a card randomly drawn from a harrow deck".

Well how's she gonna get a card out to touch you with it?

She's gonna draw one for you.

All other rules (offical page here) about the harrow deck of many things apply when people are voluntarily drawing cards from the deck. This curse requires me to draw a card from a harrow deck for you. Nice... nice almost seemingly deliberate gap where you can slide this idea right into there.

There's nothing to say that you *can't* use a harrow deck of many things. You would think, if the creators had thought this wildly obvious connection of the pieces shouldn't be allowed... don't you think they would have been mentioned that somewhere?

You totally know the witch that designed this hex had this idea in mind.



Links to both the Harrow page as well as the COMT page, since it's a kinda hidden link in the Harrow page, but it came up to link to it directly from the Charm of Many Things page.

Also, just to qualm the masses, in this hidden, obscure place, this is literally no different than just using the spell Charm Monster, so I don't know why they're getting so worked up about it. It's fun, use it in your campaign!

I mean seriously, the creators totally worded it that way for a reason *cackle*