The Bible cover

A leather Bible protector

A patchwork leather bible cover, with a wicker basket in the background.

January 2020
I had a few thoughts as to how I was going to make this. I *really* wanted stitch-lines between all of the squares, but reasoned that it would be too messy in the long run. Larger patches perhaps, but... nah, this one had to look clean. I did however stitch all the way around the edges, which looks very clean ^_^

I had been gifted a fairly large pile of random leather scraps, and I've been using them to make all kinds of things. I like it, I made sure that no colour was touching its same colour, and more or less just worked from one piece outward, working with what the scraps gave me.
The Holy Bible, a reddish pink version, inside of a patchwork leather case, with leather flap holding it inside.The bible and cover sitting on a wicker basket, the patches showing the blues, reds, and browns, with a yellow button for the clasp.
For added fun, on the inside I added pages from my Rosary prayer book just for added panache. They're waterproof too, so it should be good strong paper to hold up to use :D. I added a button to either side, and had actually tried 3 or so different straps to hold the bible in before I decided on this one. I wanted it to look a little bit scraggly because, well, I'm a little bit scraggly lol. It came out well ^_^

They were glued onto the base with automotive carpet glue, which is like ridiiIiiculously powerful glue. The fabric of time will tear before this thing does XD
The inside of the bible cover, showing about a dozen of the tiny miniature rosary book pages.Kabutroid holding up the bible with cover, overtop of the wicker basket, to show it off again, the orange button and patchwork of the other side showing.

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