Swampy looking photo of a Kabutroid The symbol for Koa carved into a staff, it looks a bit like the letter S, but like stretched upwards Seven wooden disks, a stone, and three interlocking metal rings on a silk cloth A leather pouch with a partially clouded clear stone on top
Some block patterns and ring patterns drawn in pencil on a lined paper A photo of the inside of the bible case Kabutroid wearing a chainmaille RosaryA Rosary being made from string A leather book that says Spirit Journal laying on a gold patterned cloth
Several people at a summer feast ceremony A photo of the handle portion of a staff with very swirly patterning on the grip. The staff itself is named The Twisted Sisters Ten potions laid out on a rug. Witchy Tips written in hot pink lettering
A pair of animal bone spirits A bronze crow pendant A housefly on Kabutroid's arm The 4 of Cups card, reversed. It signifies novelty, new instruction, and new ideas. I figured it fit well with general divination, in my (Kabs's) eyes. Like I'm not well versed in card reading yet, I can well, but like not a lot of practice per-se. And me being me, I generally lean towards kindness, openness, and thinking outside the box, I love that, so yeah this card kinda goes well with that style
A handful of various necklaces worn around Kabutroid's neck, with a pink sweater beneath

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