Animals that have become my Familiar

Three houseflies on Kabutroid's arm, sitting on a couch
I'm not sure how much this page will be updated, as I... don't particularly know what to do with an animal familiar just yet, but the Spirits had gifted me these three fellas as Fly Familiars in the summer of 2021.

The Spirits and myself knew this would not be a long-term Familiar unfortunately, due to my waiting to move, as well as the average housefly here's lifespan of about 40 days. But still... these three guys were Gifted to be my Familiars, and so for that period of time in the summer, they were Smiley face

They mainly liked to stick together, and generally 'be around me'. Little was done through them spiritually, mainly as I was primarily in observation-mode involving spirituality at the time, but the Spirits were okay with this, and wanted them to help me. This gift has extended beyond their life spans as well actually, and in the outdoors and elsewhere, it seems as though flies tend to be drawn to me, almost seeming to deliberately greet me! I of course thank the Spirits for sending me more flies, and talk and cajole with the little flies that come my way. In all honesty, I have no doubt that the current houseflies (see March 30, 2022 entry) were sent here to be around me.

Note: We did find out what I can do with Fly Familars, or any other Familiars really, so that came full circle. Those 3 got me thinking about it, and kept me thinking about it, until I came up with some stuff, namely blessing THROUGH them, multiplying my blessing. THANKS LITTLE GUYS! We came up with something eventually, and You Three sent me on that path Smiley face
Three houseflies on Kabutroid's arm
And on November 5, 2023, Flies have become my Familiar! Or Familiars, as in all flies, as these wonderful beings have a shorter lifespan, and so I will have many Flies, all Flies around me, as my insect Familiars HeartHousefly

The story is talked about here, but in short, a fly came into the room just moments after having opened the window, the same fly as several days prior, and circled around in front of my head, and landed right on my leg without hesitation, and relaxed there, looked around, became familiar with me as it were. I spoke with the Insect Hivemind, who offered to me flies as my Familiar, which I accepted. We immediately blessed the world with Koa, love and health, and my wonderful Familiar continues circling around my head, circling around the room, and staying nearby HeartHeart

I will continue to post about our Familiar adventures and blessings here, but as this is presently new, as in like an hour ago (we have blessed the world with several more Koa's, love and health), there isn't much more to add right now. More Familiar postings to come! Housefly

Close up pic of a fly sitting on Kabutroid's hand, being used here as a section separator.
My Fly Familiar on my right leg, standing on the floral pattern of the jeans, in the way through crawling over my leg.
My Fly Familiar sitting on my knee, a grey floral pattern jeans, with a symbolic plus sign in the background made of cellphone cable wires.A closer view of my Familiar, sitting on my other leg.
My Fly Familiar sitting on a schedule paper, looking out at the room, with several books in the background.My Fly sitting on an envelope, looking out towards another direction in our room.
My Familiar crawling up onto my hand, beginning to explore me.My Fly Familiar crawling up onto my face, normally only done by flies after weeks of knowing me, partially sitting on the bridge of my glasses with her front feet resting on my nose.
May 3, 2024:

So a little fly Familiar came into the room, and I could tell in the first few seconds she came in specifically as a Familiar. After she got my attention, she within a minute came up and sat on my leg, and we of course blessed the world and us here with eachother. I could literally feel the blessing going out. And she just sat and looked at me for a while, and then the most wonderful thing happened. She had noticed that I was looking at the cellphone, and She began blessing my phone, and through Her the Insect Hivemind began sending blessings to my phone, tens of thousands of blessings. I could literally see the waves through the air, like heat waves in a way, a flow of thousands and thousands of little dots of blessings coming from within and around my Fly, all being sent to my phone, to keep it good and working because I loved it so much (awww, she saw me watching the phone and wanted it to last for me). For a solid minute, tens of thousands of fly blessings flowing from my Fly Familiar into my phone HeartHouseflyHouseflyHouseflyHouseflyHouseflyHouseflyHouseflyHousefly

She’s stayed in our room all afternoon and into the evening, even as I type this, occasionally flying past to make sure that I see her. We blessed eachother with love and life, and she’s still hanging out with us now HeartHeartHeartHousefly
A close picture of my Housefly facing directly towards me while sitting on my faded black denim jeans.
My Housefly sitting on the flower textured ceiling, which was above the foot of the bed, facing generally in the direction of the bed.

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