Transition (MtF)

Kabutroid becomes a tranny

There is unfortunately little here at the moment, though this page will slowly grow and become more developed, like my breasts, HAH!

Although as a disclaimer that I should probably have that here, more to protect myself than anyone else, I like the term tranny, because I'm allowed to, and it's got the car analogy working for it, yah I'm not passing that up. So there ya are. I've got this good line to go with it.

I may have a male chassis, but there's a girl driving the truck XD

So anyways yah, vehicle and transmission stuff there. Also, hormone therapy, wooooooh! :D

Please enjoy these several pictures of Kabutroid from before and after transition while you're here ^_^

Kabutroid with a moustache and goatee, topless on the beach
Kabutroid in the livingroom wearing a scalemaille shirt and bandanna
Kabutroid with a beard, but wearing a pink dress out in public
Kabutroid, but with a shaved face, wearing a purple tanktop
Kabutroid, standing near a walking path, with the breeze tousling her hair