Deck of Dimensions

One of the many "deck" named items in the deck of many things box set

A playing card stack for the deck of dimensions item, with the item stats printed and taped to the number side of the cards.

The Deck of Dimensions, a bit of a more 'mundane', for lack of a better term... perhaps 'singularish' item, in that you don't draw a random card from it. It has 3 different abilities, but you get to choose which one you want. Also up to 6 charges per day, ayyy!

So, what we did is that we took three cards, literally the three cards that are showing on that royalty-free image at the bottom of the printout for it (layout file here), mainly just for fun, because they're all taped together with the instructions on the face of them. The back of the card is that same pattern as the deck of many more things, blue diamondprint.

But yeah, I had to make it, it's a deck item, that's kinda my thing in dnd (remember any bad card draw can be fixed with a simple sidequest, or just Dennis), I had to make it, it's here now :D

Made December 19, 2023
The three cards, the jack of hearts, the queen of diamonds, and the ace of clubs, as well as the tiny print cutout of the instructions for the deck of dimensions item printed to fit on the face of the cards.The small stack of cards taped together with the item instructions taped to the face of it, laying on top of a grey laptop.