The Deck of Many More Things

I gots THREE of them!!!

The box for the deck of Many More things, expanded from two card boxes, with two stars on the front with the text, sitting beside the rules card, which took three pages to fit all of them onto! They are sitting on a pinkish purple backdrop.

An interesting thing, the Book of Many Things, The Deck of Many More Things, released digitally on November 14th, 2023, physically on January 5, 2024 (due to needing replacement cards). Obviously, I had to make a playing-card version lol. There's going to be another several to follow as well it seems, as looking into what magic items that it comes with, we also have the Deck of Dimensions (which is just a static item so to speak, a magic item with 3 abilities), the Deck of Miscellany, a deck of 32 random items, the Deck of Oracles, which is also a single-ability item, the Deck of Wild Cards, which is four random cards, and the Deck of Wonder, which has 13 or 22 cards (different from the regular domt though). Also also, dndbeyond has put out a free download for a paper fortune teller, which is pretty awesome too! Oh, and to add to the pile, skimming through the magic items, we also have the Card Sharp's Deck, Fate Dealer's Deck, and House of Cards, and even the Charm of Many Things.

As the Deck of Many More Things is made up of 66 cards, we needed to use two decks of playing cards to create it. And since the deck is now about 66% good and 33% bad (some are of course kinda both), I decided to double up on the red cards, and for ordering what should go where, more or less followed the theme of the original deck of many things card conversion from 10 downward, more or less keeping similar things (like the various stat upgrade cards) together, and going from more powerful higher cards to less powerful lower cards. The 'kinda both good and bad' cards tended to fall into the black cards to make up the full set of numbers.

And so, we come to the instructions, which of course contains all of the original 22 cards (though with Vizier and Idiot renamed to Sage and Puzzle), and 44 new cards. Interestingly, there doesn't appear to be a maximum number of cards listed that you can draw, so you could ask for like 15 cards lol! Don't worry, we still have Dennis... for most things. Seems the wish spell doesn't work for some of these, so... more dangerous than the harrow deck, just a heads up lol. That stated though, our next step... was to create the instructions in little tiny text that I can contain in the box with the playing card version.

Though on a random note before that, it seems that they've given a few nods to their other decks of many things, at least I hope! You can get a pet dragon as with the Deck of hazards, and you can turn to stone as with the original Deck of Many Things, talk to plants like the Harrow perhaps? There could be specifics taken from the Tarot of Many Things such as stat increases too even! But anyways, onward to the miniature instruction page!

Now, the first step was to create formatted images (three page version) with the same aspect ratio as a playing card, so that we can basically tape that to either side of a card and have it sitting in the pack with the rest of the deck. Also, for ease of printing, I made an image of all of the decks (without border, half size) because I mean... saves paper. And there's little dots on there so you know where to cut it apart and such.

Random note, regular paper size is half an inch taller in the UK than in Canada, so we're just going with this for now. Make your own or put swirly decorations down the sides if you want full paper size lol.

Now, we first tried printing it onto two pages at playing card size, but the text was just too tiny to be reasonably readable, so we opted for the three-page version, which like the harrow deck of many things, I used an accordion method and attached all three pages to one side of the card. I'd debated wither to attach a cover and two pages to one side, and the third to the back, but that just didn't feel right, so we went with this.

And thus, a very similar taping method to the harrow card took place, and we have a tape-strengthened folding seam, tape covering all paper surfaces, and the back of the card just visible as it is. It was actually a little bit of luck that I happened to have printed it out at a size that perfectly fit the face of a playing card while folded, since my multiple printouts were getting smaller in 5% increments. The fact that this one, the smallest printout, was *exactly* the width of a card was a miracle, and well the height could of course be adjusted a half-millimeter one way or the other since there's a smidge of extra space above and below the text. But of course, trimming simply isn't possible when dealing with a folded side. I had expected to have to cut them all out separately and then have a tape-only seam, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Nice and readable, not too small, fits inside the box, I'm quite happy with how it came out :D

Also, as an unexpected surprise, when the box set finally came in, it had come with both the original cards and the replacement cards, so the initial set ended up becoming yet another deck of many more things, with the replacement box becoming the spare! Also this.

Created December 20, 2023, box set received January 5, 2024

Of course you can draw a card!
Two identical boxes of playing cards, which is to become the 66 card deck of many more things. They're being held by Kabutroid, in front of her computer opened to the deck of many things ornate box zebeth page.A picture of a sheet of looseleaf with all of the cards for the deck of many more things listed on it, and beside each is the associated playing card designated to each.

Two blank playing cards with two small stars each that came with the deck, to replace any missing cards, that we will be using to create the box cover. On the right card is roughly written 'the deck of many more things', and they are sitting on a brown envelope with pen marks on it, which Kabutroid used to get the pen writing again while creating the deck.Kabutroid holding the box for the deck of many more things with more cleanly and readable text for the box cover, with several blue diamondprint cards sticking out the top. She is holding it in front of the brown paper envelope that is clipped into the clipboard that she was working on.

An accordion fold of the three pages for the deck of many more things instructions, laying on top of a brown paperboard surface.The completed card, held partially open to show the first and third pages, overtop of a pink surface, which is actually the plastic paper holder envelope thing used to bring the printouts from the printing shop back home.

The other side of the card partially opened, showing the blue diamondback pattern on the back of the card, and the second page of the deck of many more things instructions inside the fold.The card laying on top of the box, on top of that pink background.

The box and the card sitting beside eachother, on top of that pink plastic envelope surface.


Links to both the random page as well as the AD&D page, since all new deck files are starting to appear in the latter