Deck of Miscellany

Aw yeah, a deck of just random "stuff"! :D

The Deck of Miscellany, an item where you can draw just... a random thing, like ten arrows, an iron pot, a quarterstaff, a mirror, random arbitrary stuff! A card with the list is laid out below all of the cards needed for it, and beside the box for them on a grey surface.

Ok, this one I love. Of all of the decks that came with the Deck of Many More Things box set, I think I like this one the most. It's just random stuff! Like... utterly random, we've got spears, we've got arbitrary history books, a magical window that lets you look through a surface? Sure! Arrows, silk robes, a healer's kit, some gemstones, just... a lil of everything and anything! I love it, and I am SO glad that they made it. Which means of course, we must make it.

Printed out at the same time as the rest of the mini-text versions of the many decks in that many more things link above, which is why most of them show the same completion date, I had actually bought another inexpensive deck of cards (£1 yo!), mainly because I, well, used all of the other-backed decks of cards on the other many decks in the box set, and also wanted a different design for at least some of them.

We taped that miniature instruction page (text version) to the face of the ace of diamonds, mainly just to pick a card that didn't have a lot happening on it that could show through the paper, and modified the card box to make it a liiiiittle bit thinner for the removed cards, and... well, both sides of that box are pretty busy, so I decided to kinda sand away the area on the pattern face where text would be, and do it that way. That works pretty nicely :D. I was actually tempted to sand down cards and write the item on them directly, but several of them have an unexpectedly fair amount of text, so this works instead. Also, much like the deck of illusions, each card can only be drawn once (though you actually get to look through and pick which one you want with this one), so I have the instruction card should all of the cards be used and torn and I need to create a new deck. Not that, offhand, I plan to tear any of these cards, I would rather just flip the card backwards and put it at the back of the deck, but technically that too.

And so we have, aw yus, the Deck of Miscellany! :D :D :D

Made December 20, 2023

Yah, you actually get to just pick which card you want in this one!
The cutout of the mini text list of card results, on top of the still sealed card box. It's a blue diamond pattern as well, but significantly different, smaller diamonds with regular spaces, and a loopy ornate border around the outside of the cards, both sitting on a pink surface.The needed cards laid out with the instructions sitting on the card that it will be taped to, all laying beside the tape dispenser and packaging tape, on a shiny grey surface, which is actually the underside of a laptop.

The box for the deck, with two sanded portions on the face of it to make space for  the words Deck of Miscellany, being held by Kabutroid.Everything laid out, the cards spread out above the instruction card and box, laying on a grey fabric surface.