Deck of Wild Cards

A ranged attack wild card

The instructions for the deck of wild cards above the four cards for it, forming a hand of sorts, laying beside the box for them on a shiny grey surface.

The Deck of Wild Cards, the next of the healthy number of deck-related items in the Deck of Many More Things box set. This one is a bit strange, it only has four cards to it, and rather than it causing an effect or giving you an item... well, ok I guess it still causes an effect but to something else lol, it lets you do a random type of attack damage spell to a range of 30 feet! Slashing damage plus fire, electric, ice, or force damage, oohhhh, force, that one's a little hard to come by as far as spells go. And, AND, now here's the big kicker, as far as I can see... you can cast these as a non-spellcaster! Fighters can use things like wand of magic missiles, because it doesn't say that it needs to be used by a spellcaster, same with this, fling them spells fighter... fling them spells.

And of course, we needed to make it. As with all the rest of the items in the deck of many more things box, we printed the instructions (text version) in little tiny text, and we had a pile of extra space at the bottom (forgoing the idea of making the text really big, which would make the sentences lines very short), so we grabbed a free-use image to put on the bottom of that, and off we went! We once again taped said tiny text page to the face of a random extra card (extra decks were needed for the dommt), and picked, well, the instructions showed numbers and suits, for d4 or card suit purposes, so I decided to combine the two and get the number suit shown, just kinda cleans it up a little.

Next we took one of the boxes from those aforementioned extra decks, and made it *reeeeeally* thin, and made up the perfect fit box for the instructions and those four cards. And some text on the face of the box so you know what you're holding there. Easy peazy, WOOH, another deck item!

Made December 20, 2023

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