Fate Dealer's Deck

Oohhh, +1, +2, or +3 level item!

The plus 1, plus 2, and plus 3 fate dealer's deck items, kinda stacked on top of eachother. Each is a small sleeve containing seven cards, with the item instructions taped to the face of the sleeve.

The second build in our list o' "not quite deck of x items but deck and/or card related" items, the Fate Dealer's Deck! Only useable by a cleric or a paladin, you get a bonus to your spell attacks and saves, or alternatively you get a 30 foot heal or radiant damage attack, your choice! So that's all kinds of awesome, a magic item that you can choose whether to heal or attack with, it's like two items for the price of one! The heal or damage uses your hit dice, and you add the +1, +2, or +3 of the item to the roll. So naturally, we need to make all three.

And so, we printed off our instructions, chock full of creative commons and free use images, and cut them all to size to fit everything. Or rather almost fit everything, the print shop seems to have decided to change the print settings since I was last there (or also a different employee was working), so when once I needed the smallest of my resized images, this time I needed the largest, and it still was a touch small. So for the instructional face to the sleeves, I added a blank white sheet to cover up the card numbers/letters, and then taped the instructions to the face of that. For the sleeves themselves, you can see I literally took extra cards (the extra suit, since the three sets contain the 3-10 of the clubs, diamonds, and hearts, the rest being used for the Deck of Wonder), and cut them apart a bit to create sleeves for the 7 cards.

For the backs, as it says the backs of the cards (sleeves in this case) represent the inner planes, outer planes, or holy symbols of deities... we decided to do all three! For the +1 deck, we did the diagram of the outer planes with the text edited out, since it's one large circle type shape. For the +2 we did the inner planes diagram, which uses two kinda circles in its representation. And for the +3 we used a deity symbol, where we found Ehlonna, goddess of Forests, Woodlands, and Flora and Fauna, which just kinda fits me so that works.

So yus, we created items for the three levels of the Fate Dealer's Deck, WOOOH!

Made December 26, 2023
The eight and nine of spades, taped beside eachother with a thin sliver of the three of spades between them, the method that was used to create the sleeves for the cards.The three sleeves for the fate dealer's decks, laying somewhat on top of eachother on top of a white cardboard surface.

The three sleeves beside eachother showing the backs, the outer planes, the inner planes, and two symbols Ehlonna, a unicorn rearing up on its hind legs, arranged symmetrically diagonal from eachother.