Other memorable characters I've played

From L5R to VtM

Mako Kuraido, a legendary warrior
Unnamed - the very first TTRPG experience

Little memory remains of this one, as it was back in University, about the year 1999, and I had only sat in for two sessions. My friend J1 was running a D&D campaign, I don't remember much of it, but I remember he was known for goofy, typically crude college-humour items at the time (and always having a turtle in his games somewhere), and it was amusing. I don't remember much else from this campaign, tbh my main (gaming) concentration at the time was on Fallout MUD (mentioned briefly in the source code here). In either case, DND was in the Comp. Sci. lounge, it was silly and fun, and it was my first TTRPG experience.

Played around 1999

2nd Ed dnd player's handbook, the version that would have been current at the time.
Dimitri Koshenko

A short-lived character, but one that was very fun to play. Vampire the Masquerade LARP, he was played for only about five sessions, but it was interesting and unique. We played at the University, this was a year or so after my time, but a friend suggested I try, and brought me along. Enter Dimitri, the Ukrainian Gangrel, pretty much entirely chosen because I didn't want to harm humans, and hey, this clan lets me drink from wild animals and stuff, that's better! Their vague backstory was that they were turned into a vampire in the Ukraine, then travelled here by random adventure, and found their way into this city's vampire group. They had the usual Gangrel powers (eta 2005 VTM), but leveled up to learn the ability to meld into the earth. And that's about where this character sits, the LARP went on hold for a bit, and I was doing other things when they started playing again.

On the plus side, the VtM book that I printed to just have a VtM book in my collection, is a book of converting a character sheet from Vampire the Masquerade to Vampire the Requiem or back and forth, so that works kinda nice for wherever this character may be played next. I don't think I ever had a full character sheet though, since I remember it being only one page, but I recreated them in 2022 from memory, based on the only two abilities that I used, meld into earth and turning into an owl for flight. And thus, they returned from whatever cave they have lived in for the past 17 years.

Created in 2005, recreated in 2022

The newly written character sheet for our Gangrel Dimitri. It currently only has the name and nature section filled out, but there is text over the image saying that it is not yet updated, and will be in the next few days.
Mako Kuraido

The character before Sushi. He started as a Kaiu Crab until the campaign saw to the creation of the group's own clan, the Shark Clan. An engineer and accountant, Kuraido was a good source of skill checks and... that's more or less it. He was a courtier, and did courtier things... vaguely speaking. Like he made various necessary checks, but his main thing was that good old skill Engineering, which managed to be useful in SO many ways during the campaign (how does this trap work, how do we get up there, etc). And also Commerce, which came up often enough that his high rolls in there came in handy. But mainly, he was the engineering bot, and otherwise mainly brought roleplay and story into the campaign.

Though, he did become well-known enough in J1's world that he got his own family mon, and saw other people take on the name as well.

Created 2015

Mako Kuraido's Legend of the 5 Rings card, Shark clan magistrate and heavenly composer.
Kaiu (Chuda) Hiretsuna

An L5R character, inbetween Sushi and Samusu Aran (see next). She lasted for a few months, this character, but I never really used them for much. They were my attempt to make a "bad" character per-se (her name translates to 'Vile'), and she could raise the dead into zombies, was basically her thing. Very taboo and shouldn't be done, but J1 the DM was curious what I would do with it.

Evidently that was nothing. I raised a zombie once in some small shack in a town, and generally couldn't think of much to do with it or where to go with that, and didn't really want to do that, so I never really bothered raising the dead with her again, or... do anything else bad to be honest. She basically became a run-of-the-mill character until she died and was replaced with Samusu Aran for the last two sessions.

Created in 2019

The mon for the spider clan, that she actually was, which is a green spider with a hole in the center.
Isawa Samusu Aran

This was at the veeery very end of J1's L5R campaign, and my previous character Hiretsuna had fallen. Now, as tempted as I was to make The Wall, I wanted to spend more time on that character, and build them up over time if I got the chance to play a long campaign in L5R again. Thus, for these last two sessions, I made The Cannon, basically an advanced level Isawa Shugenja, based around fire attacks, and basically just making Samus. Just a pure damage character for the end of the campaign (which didn't actually come in too handy, since the BBEG was just destroyed with our Void Shugenja's 'Unmake the World' spell, and just disintigrated the BBEG from existence. A somewhat... anticlimactic but also expected-to-be-like-that ending to the campaign, we were so high leveled).

Samusu's after-story was basically just going into evil places and just cleaning them up, was her thing. A quick two-session character built at the absolute highest level.

Created in 2020

The Phoenix clan mon, a golden phoenix with its wings raised.

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