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Mako Kuraido, a legendary warrior
Unnamed - the very first DND experience

Little memory remains of this one, as it was back in University, about the year 1999, and I had only sat in for two sessions. My friend J1 was running a D&D campaign, I don't remember much of it, but I remember he was known for goofy, typically crude college-humour items at the time (and always having a turtle in his games somewhere), and it was amusing. I don't remember much else from this campaign, tbh my main (gaming) concentration at the time was on Fallout MUD (mentioned briefly in the source code here). In either case, DND was in the Comp. Sci. lounge, it was silly and fun, and it was my first TTRPG experience.

Played around 1999

2nd Ed dnd player's handbook, the version that would have been current at the time.
Mako Kuraido

The character before Sushi. He started as a Kaiu Crab until the campaign saw to the creation of the group's own clan, the Shark Clan. An engineer and accountant, Kuraido was a good source of skill checks and... that's more or less it. He was a courtier, and did courtier things... vaguely speaking. Like he made various necessary checks, but his main thing was that good old skill Engineering, which managed to be useful in SO many ways during the campaign (how does this trap work, how do we get up there, etc). And also Commerce, which came up often enough that his high rolls in there came in handy. But mainly, he was the engineering bot, and otherwise mainly brought roleplay and story into the campaign.

Though, he did become well-known enough in J1's world that he got his own family mon, and saw other people take on the name as well.

Created 2015

Mako Kuraido's Legend of the 5 Rings card, Shark clan magistrate and heavenly composer.
The below character sheets have been found!

With the below characters, their character sheets were thought to be lost, until they unexpectedly showed up! Though, they will stay in the long-lost character page, as they were all fairly short-lived characters (unlike the the extremely long-run Kuraido, who's character sheet is actually lost). However, as these character sheets are now found, we can at least examine them :D

Mako Ichigo

The character named Strawberry. They were basically the party's buff-bot, spamming spells like Force of Will, Armour of the Emperor, and The Kami's Strength, which basically made the party members indestructable when cast on them lol. They earned a fair number of titles in their time, spider-slayer, ultimate spider-slayer, evidently we battled many a spider during this time lol. I don't have a whole lot of memories of casting, really, any other spells than the aforementioned three, heal every so often (Path to Inner Peace). They were the buff-bot, and maaaan were they good at it. They fought well, but they were a one-trick pony, and were really only remembered for those three spells lol.

Created in 2019

Ichigo's character sheet, showing earth 4, air 3, water 3, fire 3, and void 4. She has a fair amount of lore alchemy, 5, wields a yari, and is 4 honour!Her second page, showing advantages like chosen by the oracles of earth, luck 1, a few languages, mekham and rashari, and social position 2. She has a fairly normal inventory, and has the school techniques flesh of the elements and tamori warrior priestess.The third page, showing a whole ton of spells! Aside from those mentioned in the description, we have jade strike, grasp of earth, tail of the fire dragon, extinguish, because it's necessary, by the light of lord moon, and legacy of kaze-no-kami, among others.
Page 4, stuff she has crafted with alchemy! We have flash paper, sleeping fire, health potion, and a luck potion, this one was very useful to the group to have rolled high enough to have unlocked! That's all that's on this page, as well as mentioning that intelligence lore alchemy and craft alchemy checks are needed to craft these.Page 5, her blessings and titles, as well as several allies listed. Sal-Adin and Medtab the wise. Her fire dragon blessing gives her bonuses to craft, lore, and attack rolls, as well as one extra fire spell per day!The last page, her scrap sheet. It mainly shows her ring numbers for quick reference, how many of each of the... most common spells she has cast, at least as of last use. She had 15 empty bottles though, counters for all of her alchemy items, her money, health, and apparently had 20 javelins on her lol.
Mako (Daigotsu) Hiretsuna

An L5R character, inbetween Ichigo and Samusu (see next). She lasted for a few months, this character, but I never really used them for much. They were my attempt to make a "bad" character per-se (her name translates to 'Vile'), and she could raise the dead into zombies, was basically her thing. Very taboo and shouldn't be done, but J1 the DM was curious what I would do with it.

Evidently that was nothing. I raised a zombie once in some small shack in a town, and generally couldn't think of much to do with it or where to go with that, and didn't really want to do that, so I never really bothered raising the dead with her again, or... do anything else bad to be honest. She basically became a run-of-the-mill character until she died and was replaced with Samusu for the last two sessions.

Created in 2019

The first character page for Hiretsuna, with skills in spellcraft, stealth, investigation, and a pile of others. She wielded a wakazashi and a mace. Her rings are just 3's and 4's, nothing too fancy, though she only needed 4 hours of sleep per night!Second page, she knows the languages thrane, rashari, mekham, goblin, and elven. She had a few disadvantages, being a supposed bad character lol, mainly related to being a daigotsu, and needing to hide it. Yah I like... never used her dark spells, I'm not sure if even once lol. A generic inventory, though with a dark elf ring from when we befriended them. She has the kiho for ride the water dragon though, heal 3 points every round!Her spells! Reflections of Panku, which learns the powers and abilities of objects, cloak of the miya to increase armour, inari's blessing to create food and water lol. Yah I really didn't play her as a bad character, that was a bit of a lost backstory lol. Summon the undead champion, which was cast exactly once, as mentioned in the description lol.
A few more spells on page 4, fires of purity, wall of fire, summon fog, draw back the shadow, I honestly don't remember casting any of these lol. Heart of the water dragon, symbol of water, wjhich wards entrances, clarity of purpose, that increases the party's speed. Not a whole lot here, just a handful of additional spells, when they were created we were higher level, so many of these were probably never even looked at lol.Page 5, a handful of titles like bronco buster, also a spider slayer, cannonball, it's a gentle rain, puzzle fighter. She had favours with the dar elves, the phoneix and imperial clans, but owed a favour to Yama at some point. Her allies are... people from a group of bad guys, I recall needing to collect information for them, which was pretty much just DM plot building stuff.Her scrap page, also showing her rings. She had several pets, Thistles the camel, Squiggles the chocobo, and Skitters the rat. The usual health meter, nothing specific to buy, but apparently she received before being slain an applie pie recipe and an... inflatable fruit, whatever that was lol. She had sandworm powder on her, and a few anti-curse and anti-poison potions.
Isawa Samusu

This was at the veeery very end of J1's L5R campaign, and my previous character Hiretsuna had fallen. Now, as tempted as I was to make The Wall, I wanted to spend more time on that character, and build them up over time if I got the chance to play a long campaign in L5R again. Thus, for these last two sessions, I made The Cannon, basically an advanced level Isawa Shugenja, based around fire attacks, and basically just making Samus. Just a pure damage character for the end of the campaign (which didn't actually come in too handy, since the BBEG was just destroyed with our Void Shugenja's 'Unmake the World' spell, and just disintigrated the BBEG from existence. A somewhat... anticlimactic but also expected-to-be-like-that ending to the campaign, we were so high leveled).

Samusu's after-story was basically just going into evil places and just cleaning them up, was her thing. A quick two-session character built at the highest level.

Created in 2020

The final character in the L5R campaign, and her glorious two sessions lol. She had 3 in all rings except a 6 in fire. She had 2 luck, a lot of lore theology and spellcraft, and used a wakasashi and yumi as her nonmagic weapons. Not all that much on this page otherwise, or... any of them really lol. Just a two sessions character. They're still alive and kicking around though!Page 2, she has advantages like elemental blessing, crab hands, and knows the languages mekham and thrane. Some disadvantages to get us extra points to spend are consumed by calligraphy, and can't lie, always a good disadvantage lol. She gets a free raise on all fire spells from her school technique Isawa's gift, has a fairly normal inventory... vial of paint in there, and a good ol' jade pendant. She has a friendly kansen around, a fire spirit that follows her, and has the kihos for ride the water dragon, heal 3 per round, and earth needs no eyes, basically a tremorsense for 250 feet.Spells! Oh, there's a ton of fire spells, we created a blaster cannon after all. Extinguish is one though, gotta be careful with it lol. The fires from within, classic fireball, purity of shinsei, which removes all foreign magic from a target. Wings of the phoenix, create fire wings to fly, oohh, the soul's blade, with a big ol' asterix beside it, this stuns the opponent, and overcomes invulnerabilities! A handful of other spells, doing various things, and a stray earth and water spell at the end lol.
More spells, all the non-fire ones this time lol. In air we have arrow's flight and to seek the truth, which negates mental and social penalties. Earth has courage of the seven thunders, to guard against fear, and force of will. And water has path to inner peace, good ol' heal! That's all we've got on here, just the second spells page.Page 5 is virtually empty, being they were only here for 2 sessions. They got one title, perfect, and have one friend, Daimyo Tadaka. That's all there is lol.Page 6 is also almost empty. It's got the ring numbers references, shows that I have one escape crystal, and have 4 koku. That's about it. Perhaps when they get to be played again, more can be added to the character sheet.

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