Lotta chainmaille, this was a big chainmaille period in my life. I think I switched to carving right after this though :D I love it when my art goes through cycles, from one subject another.

Also more updates on my Deites, I was getting *really* spiritual then. Like from worshipping one to three to like 8 to like... there's 22 of them now? Yah it took off.

Still 2021 me typing, June 25th. We've caught up to 2019, the timelines should join... at 1314. Oh hey, 15 comics until I'm caught up :D Yah, I expect the microblog will remain. The giant main blog, the quick summary, and the text beneath.


WOOH, and another update was born!

And oh holy goodness have there been updates. I swear, my life is beginning to seem back on track now. I have time to update again! It's like... how many years has it been since other obligations have been taking the place of Planet Zebeth? At least the past two years it's been more or less on hold, for college and that other year where everything turned to hell. Just... wow. I can't even begin.

But that's changing! I have work now! I have this thing called "after work", where there's time and stuff! It's like... honestly, it's been years since I've had this thing called spare time. Oh, you have NO idea how much I'm anticipating the upcoming "I'm caught up with back-updating and everything I've needed to put off for a long time. On THAT note:

Most recently, I've posted two new Life of Kabs comics, A new town and My Deities, as well as a bonus strip for Reggie Fils-Amié and Doug Bowser, celebrating Reggie's retirement and Doug's stepping in as the new president of Nintendo of America!

Nextly, we have the chainmaille updates! There's my rosary beads (which needs an update in and of itself, I'll prattle about that next update), Tyrogue the dragonfly, my quilt square that I made for that Chainmaille Quilt Project online, and finally the last few dragons, all of which had their updates delayed in some manner or another. But they're here now, WOOOOOH!

And hey, speaking of dragons, the next four are already accounted for. Three are gifts to the care home where I work (there's 3 wings, so a dragon for each wing), and one as a sort of gift to a wonderful person in town. After that, it's aaaaaall adoptables!

Y'see, these gifts aside, that's kinda why I stopped doing dragons on commission. I mean, it's cool that a person gets the exact dragon that they design, but... then where is the creativity? I've only had 6 dragons available for adoption for at least a year now, and have been sad that it's holding me back from opening my booth again. Being busy with college and job hunting and whatnot else, it seemed like I was only ever working on the next person's dragon, and not one for the nest. I would be like "ooohhh, there's like... three awesome types of dragons that I want to make like RIGHT NOW," but then I need to finish this custom dragon first. And before that one was done, someone would order like 2 more. And I never got to work on my own.

Awww, that felt kinda sad to type. Like... I WANT to make people custom dragons, I really do! I just... can't right now! I need to open my booth again. I need to build my collection of dragons here. Each dragon takes 6 hours to make and...

Well, that's kinda where we are now. I'm almost out of updates! I'm almost caught up!

Oh, on that note sorta, I'M MOVING ON MARCH 1ST! I called all of the rental places in The Pas, and found one that actually had a room available in the near future (I've been told by everyone I've mentioned it to, it's near impossible to get a place in town)! So on March 1st, I move into my own place, and live on my own for what will (almost) actually be the first time ever.

Quick prattle. When I moved out of my childhood home, I moved out with my brother. He got engaged, moved out with her. I was alone for one month. One. Month. And then my girlfriend moved in, a friend moved in, moved out with my then wife, divorced, moved into a friend's spare bedroom, then have only ever been in bedrooms of shared houses since then. Since about 2004, this will be my first time on my own ^_^ . So that'll be cool and stuff.

Well, I went off on a tangent there. Lessee, comic update, chainmaille update, oh, and I also added in the completion dates to my chainmaille items so far. For most of them I could only put a year, or a span of years, since I didn't think to put those completion dates in back then (silly, but oh well), and now all future items will have their completion dates added ^_^

And that's about it for now. Read those two Life of Kabs comics I mentioned at the start for a whole lot more blog, and keep an eye out for the next one. Zebeth proper is getting close to finishing, and I'm determined more than ever to get it there. This time thing! I can make comics! It's like I have my old life back again, when I could do these things regularly!

I'm beginning to like life again ^_^

Kabutroid / Kabs / KatieLynne Wilbert Julia Harder / dragonmotherk / and previously Kabuthunk. Also previously Salmon, the first username I ever used online ^_^

THERE we go. Blocked off the path behind us.
AWESOME! I think we're good to call this a wrap!
Ready to hit up the bar, Kraid?
Am I ever! I am DONE with running away from Metroids.
And then we wait for the recon report.
Wonderful ^_^
*nom* *chomp* *drain*

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