The Sailor Moon RPG

Kabs' very first DM experience

My Sailor Moon TTRPG DM experience.
A short tale about my very first time DMing. It was a bizarre time, where my friend J1 was introducing us to various RPGs like Maid and other stuff, during the early Crab days of L5R, and where I showed an interest in DMing my own campaign. J1 introduced me to the BESM system, and the Sailor Moon RPG. I wasn't even out as trans yet (or even knew it was a thing back then!!!, so this was obviously some early-egg stuff), and I dove straight in. A short campaign was created, loosely based around the characters in the book, and basically going off in its own random direction (for reasons) after the first act.

So, my friends are min-maxers. And thiiiis system was *broken*. So, stage one, J1 takes the reigns and... overthrows the castle, because the early guards are laughable, even to his low-level min-max. A comical scene was had, and he took over the throne, basically... overthrowing the map.

I did throw a few challenges at them... Astaroth from Soul Calibur for example... who fell in a half-dozen rounds even after doubling his health and giving him a heal spell.

You're not getting his ax yet though, he's hurling it into the distance in frustration, and also you need a 16 strength to wield it.

So they got that ax somewhere down the road, kinda burrowed into the ground a town or two later. Yah he claimed it, my friend Kid Ranchan this time, never even used it lol. His fists were broken.

Tuxedo Mask became a running gag, as they were quick to attack him every time he showed up, and so, he mystically grew the ability to respawn without his memories, and much fun was had. It was quite convenient that the cheese-grater-factory-man was in the crowd, and happened to have a sample of his wares on him, for example. The Sailor Scouts became... a harem, let's be real, there wasn't many other directions that was gonna go with them. Yah have your fade to black, the storyline elements bringing them in and such. All the various bosses and bad characters that they came across which were... judiciously dealt with, one-punch-man over there and the unstoppable blade. A gory good time was had, and my storytelling self was happy prattling along with them, as we all combined to make descriptions of the... unbelievable mess that they make of their opponents. If you recall my Pokémon fanfic, I'm sure these guys tapped into that same source of creative writing. And fun was had by all.

By the end, most fights were over in the first round, sometimes trailing over to 2 or 3 as they played with their prey. I mean, they can only do 150 damage... each... Kid Ranchan has multiple attacks yet... it was fun. Tuxedo Mask came back healthier than ever, was hurled down the side of a cliff, and heard about the cheese-grater factory a little bit later.

And with the campaign's end, they had taken over the countryside, defeated all the bad guys, and retired into the future.

And thus was the Sailor Moon campaign. My hilarious foray into DMing, and a ten-session power-game of hilarity.

Ran around 2016, documented August 13, 2022

The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game resource book, a blue softcover book with the five sailor scouts silhouetted by a vertically stretched moon, on a wooden table.

The book for Big Eyes, Small Mouth, second edition, sitting on a white surface. It has a green cover with a girl in pink in a mech suit holding a wand, a man in red with a multi-turreted gun, an elf in blue casting magic and wielding a giant sword, riding an ibex goat like animal.

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