Too delicious

Gotta love mayo.

Anything new happening at the bar while I was out? Booze-room still locked?
Booze-room AND the pog-room... not that I care about that much, aside from the fact that it just means I have even LESS control of my bar now.
Ooohh, how's Kraid taking it?
Surprisingly bad... but it wasn't just the pogs. He was also locked away from... umm... a present from Metroid-thingy.
Really? What kinda present?
Just... something thingy. Whatever.
Umm... ok then. Well anyway, is he off sobbing in a corner or something? What's he up to?
Nah, I got him hooked on a new food invention. It goes well with cooked minion, but he eats that crap straight.
Oohh... new food stuff. What is it?
I call it mayonnaise, and you can't have any.
WHAT?!? Why not?!?
Hey! Don't blame me, blame yourself for making something so delicious.

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