Too much information

...Or not enough information, depending on who you ask I guess :P

So wait, wait... let's got just gloss over this here. What the hell poster are you talking about?
Ooh, lemme describe it. You'd love it!v Uhh, bad idea Kraid. Just stop wh-
No no... let him continue.
Aight, suit yourself. I think I'll take this opportunity to take a break outside.
Oh, it's awesome! You won't believe your eyes... or um... ears anyway.
Yes, yes, get on with it.
Ok, picture this. It's you!
Yeah, I kinda gathered that.
In a hot-pink, skin-tight body suit!
That's... umm...
Crawling on your hands and knees, saying that pogs are sexy!
Umm... wow.
I know, isn't it awesome?!?
Nnnnot the first adjective that came to my mind. I can guarantee that one.
So like what... ultra-sexy?
Just... just stop talking.

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