Still hoping

You've gotta admire his persistance.

Six missiles and one shedded skin later
OW... I thought you said 'five more'.
Turns out I was still pissed off at you.
And... and aren't women supposed to LIKE being complimented or something?
Yyyeah, doesn't work for you. You... a lizard-like... thing, saying I'm sexy is like a living slime-mold saying that they want to slorp over me. It just doesn't... why am I even telling you?!? YOU'RE A LIZARD! I'M NOT!!!
Don't worry, I'm willing to overlook that.
Does... that silence mean you're considering it?
I'd ask if you were kidding... but I know you way too well.
Wanna get to know me better?
I'd rather die from having lava forced under my eyelids.

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