Slip of the tongue

I bet Kraid wouldn't mind slipping HIS tongue somewhere :P

*run* *toing*
That doesn't even make SENSE! You're just saying ANYTHING at this point!
Get your fat ass back here! You just cost me only GOD knows how long before more booze!
I couldn't help it!
You can't run forever! I've got a power suit, you've got at least 5000 pounds of lard to drag around with you! You WILL tire out!
I can try!
Or you'll run into a dead end, or trip and fall on your clumsy feet, or just be caught by me anyway! JUST GIVE UP YOU FAT BASTARD!
Please Samus... can't we just make out... I mean make-up?
You're not helping your case here!
*jump* *fwoosh*

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