Time for something else

Yes... too muscular and well-built... THAT'S the reason!

*gasp* *pant* Ok... so apparently that's not going to work with me. I guess I'm just too muscular and well-built to be able to curl into a tight enough ball.
Think Kraid, think. Maybe... hmm... maybe I don't actually even NEED to be curled up in a ball. I mean hell, Samus never specifically said she CAN'T do it standing up. It's worth a shot at least.
So let's see... how to lay a bomb. C'mon Kraid, it can't be THAT hard. Just... picture yourself... bombing. Just mind over matter, that's all!
So... close... I think I have it...
Oh GOD! What the hell man, what the hell? Whatever that is... not in public, man!
Or maybe I should just stop trying for now.

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