Tired and lazy

What Samus said :P

Yyyyep, it's official... I'm definitely not ejoying having taken this "path".
Further and further I go, where I stop, nobody knows. Well, except Metroid-thingy I guess. And whatever minions are at the bottom of here, too. And I guess any wall-climbers in the area. Ok, so a lot of things probably know.
Well, on the plus side, my suit is designed to withstand terminal velocity landings without killing me. It'll hurt like a bitch, and I might be stuck, but as long as there's no lava at the bottom of this, I should make it out in one piece.
...I bet the only reason the pit is this deep is because Metroid-thingy somehow... being tired or lazy or something. I don't know why or how... but it just seems to fit.

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