Festively plump

Yeah, that jar probably IS pretty thick, when you think about it. In the game, it takes a good several missiles to break through.

*flutter* *fly*
Ok, good job group. Take five.
Oh thank god!
My legs... my spine... my feet...
Well c'mon, what's the hold-up? Let's get me up and mobile again, chop-chop!
Ummmm, let's see... how to put this... delicately...
I think I can see my feet through my boots...
You are... ridiculously, ginormously obese beyond comprehension. I'm honestly surprised you don't have moons orbiting you.
...You DO know who you're talking to, right?
You can't BELIEVE the agony I'm in right now.
Yeah, whatever. Chase me if you don't like it. Now look, why not ditch the jar? That's gotta be like... at least a third of the entire weight.
THE JAR STAYS! I've had... things happen in the past. I don't like leaving the jar.
Anyone? Little help? Is anyone listening?

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