Determined to see

Much, much later
Ugh... how much longer do we have to drag this guy around? My claws are getting sore.
Not much further.
I'm telling you, I'm fine!
And I'M telling you that despite being a friend of the minions, you're an idio... oh, wait... kick it into high gear for a minute, Eric.
Just trust me on this we've got some annoying stuff to avoid up ahead.
*gronk* *gronk*
Whew, just in time. I'm familiar with the area. The added effort just saved us some sanity.
What the hell IS that?
It's best not to ask.
Hey! HEY! I know that sound. Let me down!
*grunk* *gronk*
Yeah, I'll get right on that, pfft, no! I said trust me... you don't want to be near there.
I know that fellow, and I want to see what the OTHER sound is! DOWN!
When Zoomers fly.

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