Foiled yet again

I love how he's entirely distracted in the first frame.

-So help me god, I'm going to glare at him so hard that he will CRAWL his ass out of here to get away from me!
-...459 zoomer's on the wall, 459 zoomers! If one of those zoomers should crawl off the wall, 458...
Hey guys, how goes?
OH SWEET MOTHER OF SPAGHETTI, SOMEONE WHO'S NOT CROC-BOY! Come, sit, stay and I'll give you a free drink!
WOOH! Hey Kraid. Well, not TECHNICALLY free, but Crocomire Hunter's buying.
Works for me!
Hey, feel free to leave if you don't agree. *rustle* *clink*
Y'know... I don't actually have money on me.
...DAMNIT! You win this round.
Do I still get a drink?
Yeah, I'll just make Croc-boy a tab, in case he ever starts having money.

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