Had enough

Just picture it. A dark room... two people, not moving, not talking, just blankly staring forwards, at where you are. For hours. And hours. Yeah.

Hours later
-...2865 wavers flying up and down, 2865 wavers flying. If one of those wavers...
-...Artie... Craig... Simon... poor little Caroline with a chipped corner... Edgar... Horace...
But, I-
I don't care if you have to drag yourself you with your teeth, OUT!!!
Oh come on, I'm a paying customer!
You've had one drink. ONE! Hours ago! And it was a free drink ANYWAY! And now you're both just zoned out, staring at me. Nothing but HOURS of your dull, vacant, empty STARING! NO MORE!!!
*sigh* FINE, if he doesn't want the pleasure of our company any more, we'll take it elsewhere.
*grab* *lift*
ACK! Easy there!
Good, go stare at a wall somewhere else!

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