A change in scenery

Surely, there's virtually no difference between the accidentally overwritten one and this one. Surely!

And... what the hell?!? For some bizarre reason, I feel compelled to say that Kabutroid stupidly saved over the original strip for this, uploaded it by accident, and can't remember in the slightest for some reason what it used to be.
Although I haven't the SLIGHTEST clue what that means. Weird... some kind of mind-control stuff happening on this planet. I'll have to report that to the boss when I report back.
And I ALSO feel compelled to wander around a maze of tunnels for hours on end, because "that's what's supposed to happen now". GAH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, GOD DAMNIT!!!
Several hours of totally not ad-libbing later...
Hmm... can't go wrong with a change in scenery. Kinda... bubbly looking, but hey, whatever leads me to my goal.

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