A helping hand... brain

And lo, the Space Pirate finally found someone who offered to help him. And thus, a miracle hath occured.

Ok, fine whatever, I'll figure that out sometime later... bitch... let's just move this along. I've got a beef with Samus. Any chance you can help me out here?
Intriguing. What sort of 'beef' might this be?
It can be 'corned beef' for all the difference it makes, now I've been jerked around WAY too much lately, so can you throw me a bone here?
Well fine, if you're going to be that way, then maybe I have no clue who this "Samus" person is.
Ugh, fine, FINE, alright, fine, whatever. I was sent on a mission to this planet to see if Samus is here, and if she is, either kill her or report back with how powerful she is. I'm a Space Pirate, and she's a sworn enemy of ours. Not exactly the most difficult concept.
See, was that so hard?
Look, if you're going to waste my time, then I'm g-
Hold on, hold on, geeze. I'm not exactly a fan of Samus myself, so I think we can work out a deal.
Someone who might be able to ACTUALLY help?!? It's a miracle!

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