The path continues

In the end though, apparently a simple 4-letter command will look over the file system, check what's corrupt, fix it, and then happily tell you you're good to go after you reboot. And it worked, with no loss to my files whatsoever. Pfft, last time Windows had an issue with its file system, it required a full format of the hard drive. SCREW YOU, WINDOWS!

Ok, steady there Samus... the bomb-path keeps going. You don't need to bomb-jump out, so let's just take it easy and relax here.
*drop* *BWAM*
Besides, there were areas just about as stupid back in Kraid's old area on Zebes. I'm just stressed, and could maybe use a drink about now.
Just keep the rhythm going... that's all it takes.
Whup, this one's not solid! This'll save me some time. Hopefully this finally leads me somewhere useful for once.

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