Might be a while

At least most of Crocomire Hunter's senses seem to have come back.

And for those of you trying to "fill in the blanks" so to speak... patience... give it time.

That aside... I think I need to stretch my legs and get some booze into me. Sound like a plan?
WOOH! Hell, yes. But after you sign my poster.
Yes, yes, fine, let's get the hell out of here.
A little bit later
Heeee's not coming out of that room for a while, is he?
No, I imagine not. Well... unless some stupid idea springs to his mind that he gets all excited about.
Yeah, he has the attention span of a grapefruit. Give him a few hours tops.
Well, signing the word "love" with a heart instead of an "o"? That probably didn't help.
HE ASKED ME TO! And I kinda felt obligated. Whatever, let's drink. *grab*
Hello? Anyone? How did you even step over me without noticing me? You stepped on my legs! It really hurt! Especially Kraid! Hello? Hello?!?

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