Question answered

There we go. Not only was I able to plug this story arc up, but also left it somewhat open in case I ever wanted to return to it, since I really liked the possibilities with it. Gives me the option of going back to it.

Ok Gronky... let's hear it. So what's with that there baby Gronky?
*gronk* *gronk* *gronk* *gronk* *gronk* *gronk*
Mmmhmm..., ok, that makes sense. And what about you gronking at that box and those two fellows here?
*gronk* *gronk* *gronk*
Really! That'll do it.
Ok, so being a glitch and all, he's interacted with other glitches during that big glitch time, and got pregnant and gave birth. As for the gronking, he just really, really likes you guys because you're also a glitch, so he sees you kinda like his family.

Holy crap! You speak Gronk!
Not even slightly. However, that explanation seems to make the most sense of everything, doesn't it?
Oh for... so you were just blind guessing then.
EDUCATED blind guessing. There's a difference.
Go to hell.

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