What type are you?

Honestly, I can't even slightly see Crocomire Hunter being anything other than this type of drunk.

Also, for those curious, I'm the 'talkative' type.

Also for those curious, I tried making up a shot of the four aforementioned alcohols (vodka, gin, tequila, rum) in equal quantities. As Kraid says... it is strangely smooth and good tasting. I would have though it wouldn't be... but for the sake of accuracy in the comic, I mixed some up just so that I could indicate accurately what they'd say about it.

Not long after
Hey guys. Guys. Guys. Hey. I think... hey. Guys? Hey, I think I've... I think I'm... is this what drunk is like? Wow! Guys...
Alright, now we're getting somewhere.
A bit more booze later
Y'know, this bizarre mixture actually isn't bad.
I told you man. It sounds like it should be a trainwreck, but it's actually rea-
GUYS! *sniff* Guys... why... why do you have to kill?
Very soon
...And.... and that Zeela. *sniff* She was so innocent... *sniff*... I just... I just wanna help *sniff*... want them to live...
Aaaand we have now determined that Croc-boy is the crying type when drunk.
I can't tell if this is sad or funny. Man, he sucks at being drunk. No... this is just kinda annoying.
Well, at least I sorta got an apology out of this.

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