A quick recap

Ooooohhhh, ok, you gets this secret, if you haven't already found it. Wanna know Kraid's full tribe name? Check the source code of 692!

Ok, so ANYWAY... what the hell was going on before all of this idiocy happened?
Wanna hear my full tribe name again? I'm not supposed to say it, but it's Kraid Von Mortimer Reanna Drake McWestley...
I dont care how excited you are about finding the Tragnabians again, follow the damn rules.
Whatever, I don't care. I will turn you into a fine paste if you continue.
FINE... spoilsport.
But lessee... if I recall, Croc-boy was telling everyone about crikeying Mother BRain a new one, and that got this whole ball rolling.
Right, right. Holy hell, it HAS been a while.
Aaaand before that, me and Croc-boy were talking with Gronky and the baby Gronky.
Well that- wait, what?
Yeah, you didn't notice the tiny Gronky before?
I try to ignore Gronky at the best of times. God, there's TWO now?!?

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