Time for another meeting

Oh, totally. And the baby one is just as talkative as the first one!
Talkative! You mean god-forsakenly annoying? And I don't think you can call that 'talking' at the best of times.
Well, Croc-boy can talk to them... I think. I'm not sure. Whatever. But anyway yeah, there's two of 'em. Also, some weird green guy with claws sorta like Metroid-thingy was kicking around.
Yeah, don't worry about that one. I'm pretty sure he won't be turning up anytime soon.
So whaddya wanna do? I don't think we were doing anything important for the most part.
Letsh go talk to the Gronkiesh again!
So way, you actually CAN talk to them?
Shure, why not?
...Ok then. I vote we let you sit here and sober up, while I go and check out what Mother Brain is up to. It might not do much, but I think it's about time for another... meeting with her.
Jus-jusht a nice meeting, right? *hic*
Yeah, sure, let's go with that.

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