Getting a little creepy

Not quite right at all...

No, wait, Samus... DAMNIT! Endless, undying love of my life going one way...
Ok, that's a little bit creepy there.
...And my primary connection to the tribe staying here on the fricking CEILING! What do I do?!?
Rids, you thought THAT was creepy, he just put me on just as high a pedestal as Samus.
Yeah, he needs to get better hobbies.
Umm... umm... ok, just wait here for me. I'll be back as SOON as possible for you! *step*
Oh wonderful, my anticipation knows no bounds. Take your time.
*turn* *run* You're awesome man, thanks for being so understanding. BACK SOON!
Did... he just take my comments as something other than sarcasm?
I worry about him sometimes.
As we all should Ridley... that one's not quite right in the head.

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