Totally not holding a grudge

Nope, that's one thing you can say about Samus, is that she doesn't hold grudges. Not at all.

Ok, Kraid, KRAID! Just... stop for a minute. Or forever... I don't know if I can scour that scene out of my head as is. Now... how to put this... delicately. YOU CAN'T REMOVE ITEMS LIKE THAT! For me, it's upgrades to my suit. For you, it's... you, I dunno. You can't exactly remove parts of you.
Wait a minute... now that I think of it, how the hell DO you use chozo items?!? Seriously?!?
Aren't we part of an emmalator or something to do with Metroid-thingy?
Eh, maybe something like that. Stupid programming.
I mean hell! I still have that stupid odd number of missiles thing going on! Sure, why the hell not, let's also have things not wearing power suits get suit upgrades!
*snarl* *rage* *fume*
Ok Samus... take it easy there... breathe. Besides, some good came out of this.
Do I even want to know?
When I strain hard enough, I can drop bombs! Wanna see?
Please don't come close to me.

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