A required fix

No, seriously, check it out. I'll do it again, and watch what happens! Hell, when you came back, I wasn't even CLOSE to straining as hard as when I made a bomb. Just turn around and watch!
Oh god, avert your eyes! There isn't enough boze on the planet to get me to see what else you'll look like.
Doo de doo... I'm bored, let's see what the guys are up t-OH SWEET MOTHER OF HELL! IS NOTHING SACRED?!? All the bleach in the world won't wash THAT out of my eyes!!!
Latent programming skills, don't fail me now! I must never alow that... that ABOMINATION to be seen again! Back to your house of R'lyeh, to lie with the Great Old One where you belong!
*type* *click* *clack* *type* *click* *clack* *click* *click* *click* *clack*
Samus! SAMUS!!! Looka what I did! Check it out! I strained really, really hard, and THIS is what happened! Look at it!
Dude man, you have no idea how much I do NOT want to look at whatever is going on right now.

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