Wrong answer

If you've been keeping up, a fair bit of time has gone by since the last comic. Essentially, I know next to nothing new, except that doctors don't seem to care even slightly about you unless you're in agonizing pain. Since I'm not actually feeling any pain, I'm just getting bumped further and further down the lists, letting what's wrong with me just continue unchecked and untreated. Not feeling that great about my prospects lately. One doctor sent me a letter (in the MAIL... the slowest possible form of communication) that he set up a CONSULTATION to talk about maybe seeing what he can do 6 MONTHS FROM NOW! Honestly, by that time if it's unchecked, I doubt I'll be alive, or if I am I imagine things will be a thousand times worse. Again, I'd REALLY rather not give more details, as I STILL have no clue what the hell is going on with me, and don't want to cause rampant speculation without actual information to go off of. I know it's not bacterial. That's literally all I know.

Several seconds later
*HURK* Oh god... why?!? Why would you think I meant 'yes'?!? Why would you have ANY of those things with you?!? WHY?!?
Why not? It might come in handy.
How could having a party hat POSSIBLY come in handy? Or pogs? Or PLATES?!? And for the love of christ, WHY WOULD YOU KEEP A JAR OF MAY IN THERE?!? HOW DID THAT EVEN FIT?!?
A pog tournament might break out, with food that I can put mayo on. Also, one moment. *shake* *shake* *shake* *flake* *shed* *shake*
THERE we go, that feels better. Not that much to shed. But hey, added bonus, my mayo's got some added seasoning now!
*URK* Here it comes again. No, why, no...
Wanna try some?

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