No respect

That's right... they may all obey her, and see her as being far smarter than them (what with her being a giant brain), but that doesn't mean they don't think she's fat and lazy.

Crap, hold up a second guys. I think I hear someone coming. QUICK, HIDE!
What? Where?!?
I don't know, think of something! This is YOUR stupid plan, not mine.
Hey, spread the word. M.B. finally got off her ass and is trying to find that Samus psycho. Report back if you hear anything. Or do you have news?
Oh, uh, nope, can't say I've heard anything about Samus lately. What's lardass planning to do with her?
Hell if I know, like she ever tells her plans to anyone except that idiot Geruta with the two arm thing. Oh yeah, also ask about that guy too. I gotta get back though, I'm on jar-cleaning detail today.
Yeah, no problem. Tell tubso that I'll spread the word for her, I've got nothing better to do.
Awesome, thanks man. Mater semper est rectus!
Awesome, that couldn't have gone better! Hopefully not too many others are spreading this around. C'mon, the coast is clear.
Kay, gimme a minute. Lemme make this a bit easier here.

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