Meet the Ambassador

"Sweet, free backstage sneek-peek at the Ambassador. How lucky is THAT?!?"

Ugh, this is taking FOREVER. Either swarm us or report back, something, ANYTHING.
You're cute when you pout.
*ka-click* So help me god, if you make me waste ANY of these missiles on you, I will waste ALL of these missiles on you and come back later!
I'll be good.
Whup, incoming! Get back a bit.
Sooooo... what's the good word?
You may inform Ambassador Kramusain that Mother Brain will meet them at the bottom of the last vertical hallway.
Oh, was that the Ambassador? Is there any chance I could meet him early?
Uhh, do you need to report back anywhere soon?
Nope, I'm on lunch break after this.
Awesome, sure, head back here.

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