No love lost

So... wanna go back to the bar?
No... I assume she'll just come back when that's done counting again.
Right, that thing. Ok, well... let's just get that blue guy to ask around where that is.
Eh, I'd rather just look around a bit. If we get a fresh brain, I'll just missile that instead.
Yeah, well, I'm not about to jump into a pile of broken glass and delicious Mother paste.
Yeah. Well, let's try hunting for a hidden path or something. Or tunnel, whatever, we've got limited time here.
OH hey, that's new. Guess they found Mother Brain.
Oh crap, did we just fail our job?
Hell, I'm not beating myself up over the worst union boss ever. More booze! Like seriously, when they were reading over their union agreement (assuming they were even given the option), they must have been "Wait, what's this part about Mother Brain being authorized to turn us into a squishy goo paste at her discretion? Seems like a pretty shitty deal. What's that? I get turned into a squishy goo paste if I don't sign this? Alrighty then."

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