A minor setback

Gotta have SOME security.

Finally, looks like we're getting somewhere. God, how the hell did she get to be so fat if she had to slide her ass all the way down here again. Time to break out the missiles... AGAIN...
Oh, I said I was sorry! That could have been taken innocently and you know it.
Ok, hopefully it shouldn't be too much further until...
Until wha- oh, wow! Thsi place is COOL!
Oh, shutup. Shit, I somehow doubt that she hopped through this room.
She could have swum.
The sad part is, I honestly don't know if you're being sarcastic.
Now shut your stupid-hole, I've got a plan to make this easier, AND it involves shooting missiles at you!
I really don't like how you sound so happy about this.
Oh god, I can HEAR how much you're smiling in there.

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