Savour the flavour

Possibly the most Canadian comic title to date. Or British I guess. Anywhere that knows how to use the letter "U", anyway.

Ok, so Im thinking we just wait it out for a bit. I think she's been looking forward to this for a while.
Really?!? I couldn't tell.
No, I'm pretty sure of it.
Well... the missiles stopped, but the timer's still going. That's not good.
Oh whatever, she's probably just savouring the moment.
Y'think so? OOOH, GOOD IDEA! I'm gonna go savour it with her! We can savour together! BEST FRIENDS
for now FOREVER!
Uhh, bad idea Kraid, ba-
SAMUS, SAMUS, I CAME TO SAV... Samus? Are... are you savouring?
*pulse* *drip* *glorp*

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