I calls it like I sees it

Ok, so... as stated in the comic, laid off, new career, my computer ALSO died, and I have a new laptop now. But... I've got a game plan.

I guess I should start with the obvious "why a plumber" question. A fair amount of thought when into this decision. Without going into it at the moment, it came down to either electrician, or plumber. I'm generally not fond of the idea of dealing with electricity in its raw, untamed form, so I had decided on plumbing for the sake of safety, which is generally a pretty big thing with me. Grow up in the country, you learn to respect dangerous things.

But otherwise, I'd rather not get too much further into this until everything is said and done, don't want to go jinxing anything. But generally speaking, the comic is going in an entirely new direction at this point. There's a number of story arcs that I'll be ending as I go along, but expect a lot of random comics, and otherwise whatever storylines come to mind as I travel this entirely new chapter of my life. At this point, your guess is just about as good as mine as to where this story is going.

And honestly, I can't wait for it to begin. One way or the other, my immediate future is taking sharp, unexpected turns, taking me to places I never expected to travel. I only hope that I can share some of my adventure with you, because really... I just enjoy making things. I don't do it for glory, for money, for fame. All of those would be great, don't get me wrong, but I don't plan on stopping if I don't get them. If anything, it just makes me want to create MORE. Ideally, I'd love to just have a roof over my head, a fridge full of food, and a workshop with supplies and tools and just... create. But unfortunately, that doesn't keep food in my fridge or a roof over my head. So I have to improvise.

That's the other reason I'm taking up plumbing. More knowledge about materials, tools, and how to do things. The more I know, the more I practice it, the better I get at it, the better I can use all of these tools to let my creativity flow in even more directions. The more that I can do, the more that I can make.

So keep poking back at the site periodically. There's no update "schedule" that I can foresee, so I will just be posting what I can, when I can, and as long as I have an internet connection and a laptop (and assumingly a way to keep the site running), update I shall.

Ok, so... what does this have to do with... anthing? Just really, why are you here?
Long story short, laid off, computer died, new computer, new career.
That's a hideous rendition of Luigi, and you should feel bad for having made it.
Oh, stop acting like you don't agree.
Well THAT'S obvious.

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