Things to do

I told you I'd keep going on the original comic series.

Unless of course you didn't see me post that, which is entirely possible.

In either case, I've been hankering to get back to the main storyline again. Yeah, it left off at a sad time there, the timing of everything really didn't work out well. To be honest, I've been worried that people would just assume that the site died off while that was posted on the homepage. Seems kinda... final, doesn't it?

Well screw that, Samus (or I guess Kraid, technically) didn't get her/his victory drinks. They JUST get back to the bar, and... what, that's it? No, no, no, at the ABSOLUTE bare minimum, Samus is getting that drink. And then there's a whole crapton of loose ends what need tying off, or more likely, continuing off in new directions. I got stories in my head yo, let's keep putting them online.

Aside from that, work's going good. Working with nice guys, typically anyone I come across is pleasant, and more often than not the work is more dusty than filthy... all in all, not as bad as I had envisioned it could be. So far, anyway... I imagine there's going to be days where I'm on my belly in a crawl space with an inch of sewage on the ground, writhing my way to some broken line at the other end of the house. Thankfully, I haven't had anything close to that so far.

Lotsa cold though. Been relatively nice out, hovering around -20 celcius (-4 fahrenheit, if you're in one of the extraordinarily few countries on Earth that still use that obsolete unit of measure). Most of our work is indoors though, so it's not too bad. Looking for shit in the back of the truck can be a bit rough, but dress up in layers for the weather, gloves, toque, all that... it's manageable.

Anyhoo... the comic marches on! And seriously... how the hell overlooked has it been that Croc-boy hasn't become a Trabnagian yet? He basically lives and breathes minion.

One horribly delayed and somewhat bittersweet drink to their endeavours and hardships later...
I swear you assholes have been nursing that drink for months. ORDER MORE!
Dude, what do you even DO with the money?
Buy stuff online, duh. Fake money's a 'thing' now.
So.... Samus... Mother Brain thing, sounds like you're pleased and such.
Oh GOD you have no idea. I've been trying to drop that bitch for years.
Oh, uhh... sorry about the timing of that and all... it REALLY didn't work out in your favour at the time.
Eh, whatever. You did your thing, I dealt with my shit, time to move on.
I hear ya.
That said, I've got stuff to do. Later all.
*woosh* *SMASH*
*sigh* Why... just... just why.

Basically everything is property of Nintendo, who I'm hoping still let me keep doing my thing. It's a parody. And free. Did I mention they're awesome too?
Comics, ideas, etc, etc owned by me, blah, blah, legal crap. Look, just don't be a jerk, and it's all good. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't care all that much... just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.