Good luck with that

Oohh, I really made a lot of comics back to back there.


One more comic to kinda tie everything together.


Tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna solve a problem here, and then relax with some friends.
*clap* *clap*
That's awesome, thank you!
Hey there.
There, I've poofed four drinks onto the table from your kegs, and we're going to relax in the bar. Now outta the way or I'll just poof the lot of us into the bar.
What I'm saying is that I don't care about your Metroid problem. I have like... 3 drinks a year here, and don't like messing with the natural order of things. Good luck with all that though.
I hate you so much right now.

Basically everything is property of Nintendo, who I'm hoping still let me keep doing my thing. It's a parody. And free. Did I mention they're awesome too?
Comics, ideas, etc, etc owned by me, blah, blah, legal crap. Look, just don't be a jerk, and it's all good. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't care all that much... just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.